2007年9月24日 星期一


風車公園 K windmill park


二十五淑女墓 Graveyards of Twenty-Five ladies, a sad history at 1973 http://content.edu.tw/local/kaushoun/minchen/love/antiquity/anti_a/a7.htm

廣濟宮 旗津最大 常常上報紙 Guang-Chi Temple, probably the biggest in Chi-Jin Island.The stone-lions here have no definite gender expression

旗津(旗後)燈塔 lighthouse of Chi-Jin, one of the four established in Chin Dynasty


自旗津望柴山 英國領事館,大船入港 view from Chi-Jin to the Ape Hill, British Embassy ( now a restaurant), and container enter to harbor.

The embassy is assigned as second class historical site and well preserved than that of Tamshei, and the first consul, Mr. Robert Swinhoe is a famous biologist, many Taiwan's animals and plants are introduced to world by him


2007年9月23日 星期日


墓 位於高雄縣湖內鄉

歷史由來請看説明 (有英文解説)
石獅子 有雌雄之別 且由紅布幔包起
Graveyard of King Ning-Jing, Ming Dynasty, is third class historical site assigned by Interior Ministry on 1988. The stone-lions in front of the tomb are differentaited as male and female by external genitalia, usually at right side is female.

2007年9月16日 星期日

曾經是唯一:蔣介石廟 Once the only one:Temple of Chiang, Kai-Shek

臺灣真是個自由民主的國家 由蔣介石的崇拜以至神格化 在全世界絕無僅有 何況蔣介石還是個基督徒

世界上國家自由程度評比 臺灣位居第一 當之無愧 日本首相要上個"Yasukuni-Jinsha靖國神社"都引來批評 輸臺灣太多了 真的要向臺灣學習 尤其是 蘇永欽的一票人(他們要制定限制人民言論自由的法律)

旗津的"蔣公感恩堂" 證明臺灣的自由度 平等度 民主度....是世界冠軍 它曾經是臺灣唯一 現在是其一

蔣介石座像 本來位於正中央 現在請到左側(大旁) 代之以"觀音佛祖" 右側祀以"三官大帝" 與一般寺廟的"土地公"規制不同 請注意香爐上少見"香枝" 而且 蔣介石像前 沒有跪拜椅(可能是跪拜時 直接跪在大理石 表示虔誠吧)
Once the only one inTaiwan, now one of few temples of Chiang, Kai-Shek in Taiwan, is at Chi-Jin. The democracy, and liberty ,or freedom of Taiwan is the number one in world. The evidence is the belief of such a temple and regards Chiang is a taoist god in spite of Chiang is a Christian. Even the premier of Japan is hesitating to Yasukuni-Jinsha for some political reasons.(Those who against another to give one's respect to anyone must learn the Taiwaner's liberty and freedom,too, the democracy).
Formerly, the statue of Chiang is at central , now is move to left side( a side of more prominent in a popular temple usually the chief god of this temple initially, and changed to secondly now). There is no any joss stick on incense burner, nor the knee chair for prayer. May be the direct to the marble means more respect.

Chi-Jin, the initial of Kaohsiung

It is said Chi-Jin is the initial of Kaohsiung's commericial activity as early as 17 century, late Ming dynasty. The oldest temple is the " Tien-Hou Temple, Ma-Chu Miao". The temple is third class historical site assigned by Interior Ministry, Taiwan. (The old picture is the contrast to modern picture). There is unusal "Ship of HM Prayer"(拜王船,有別於"燒王船"), for the temple is for Goddess Ma-Chu,mainly.

旗津的天后宮是三級古蹟(台灣的媽祖信仰 具有"古蹟"資格者 並不多見 這是其中之一 有舊照片為證) 廟內有"拜王船"的神位 可能也是台灣唯一 我們常看到的是"燒王船" 與此不同 推測此王傳神位 與宮內同時奉祀王爺(千歲)有關

同時看到的是 神輦 現在祭典時已不用 只作為陳列品 提供發"思古幽情"
宮外的石碑銅鐘 是咸豐 與同治皇帝時的文物
廟門的對聯 蔡氏家族敬獻 其中的蔡文進1950年代 被員工殺害 其弟 蔡文玉曾任 臺灣省議會議員


The tunnel , The Across Harbor Tunnel, is the only one tunnel undersea in Taiwan, located at Kaohsiung Port.It is established for the connection between downtown and Chi-Jin, part of the pennisula as open of second harbor of Kaohsiung at 1970 era.
高雄市過港隧道 位於高雄港 是因應開闢高雄港第二港口的開闢而建 作為旗津半島成為"旗津島"後 旗津與市區的車輛交通的重要設施.

2007年9月4日 星期二

20070901高雄市義民廟中元普渡及大豬公比賽Big Pig Competition

高雄市三民區寶珠溝義民廟的大豬公比賽 每年於農曆七月二十日在此舉行 今年的冠軍重1077台斤(約650 公斤?) 2006 年(20060813)是1360 台斤(有照片比較)


大豬公比賽 1960年代前 是在高雄火車站前河邊舉行 日期都是農曆七月十五日 "八七水災"後 政府倡導節約 改為七月二十日 又因飼主多為客籍人士 遂遷至新建之義民廟舉行
高雄市的客籍人士 多為桃竹苗遷來(分布自鳳山至凹仔底) 與臺灣南部的六堆同鄉會之客籍人士不同(分布於高雄縣美濃鎮 杉林鄉 甲仙鄉 六龜鄉 屏東縣高樹鄉 長治鄉 麟洛鄉 萬巒鄉 內埔鄉 新埤鄉 竹田鄉...等) 因此 義民廟的崇拜 與六堆忠義祠的 大異其趣
請注意 道士的道袍不同於"紅頭師公"者
The Big Pig Competiton is held regular at lunar July 20(this year is Sept.01) with Chun-Yuan-Pu-Du at Yi-Ming (honor people) Temple. The Pig Champion is weight about 650 kg.( lightly less than last year 2006, 816 kg.). The Goat Champion is horn of 2 taiwan feet( about 0.6066 meter)The feast is held on lunar July 15 every year and at the riverside in front of Kaohsiung Station before 1960 era when the "87 floods" happened, then the day is changed to July 20 and the place is moved to here, for the feeding families are almost the hakka series.
The hakka series among Kaohsiung( distributed from Fengshan to Lam-Ya-Di of Shanming District, Kaohsiung City) is moved from Northern Taiwan( including Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli named "Taochumiao"), quite different from Southern Taiwan(as Liuoduei, six groups). The difference is more prominent on the prayer of Yi-Ming Ya, for northern hakka, and for Chung-Yi Gon, for whom at southern.
The clothing of Taoist is different from other site of Kaohsiung.

2007年9月2日 星期日

Giant Statue of Chi-Gon, Chi-Wei,Chi-Shan, Kaohsiung County 旗山旗尾鳳山寺


全台最早的塑像 約建於1970年代 現在全台各地 已有許多相似者

鳳山寺主祀濟公禪師 副祀諸神如圖

罕見的"三路共始" 位於旗山鎮